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We're Pinwheel Prose.

Our mission is simple: to inspire conversation, nurture connection, and help people have a really good time together.

We do it in our own innovative way. By publishing prose on cocktail napkins. Prose composed with the specific purpose of forging happy, meandering conversations that draw us together, however we meet.

50 unique double-sided cocktail napkins in one themed set with no repeat! 100% recycled 2-ply paper. Made in USA.

Sip, savor, and stay connected.

Every single cocktail napkin that comes off our press - and we mean every single one - is far more than just a cocktail napkin. We’ve transformed the usual stack of sameness into a rich collection of uniqueness - to give each person a different thought, idea, or fact to share, to help grow the conversation.

Sustaining connection, sustainably.

We bring you these cool conversation pieces responsibly. Every decision we make is environmentally driven: 100% recycled 2-ply paper; reusable packaging and shipping box. Made in USA. We wouldn’t have it any other way!